What if I tell you that the only thing more destructive than a pandemic is your pathetic immune system? Ever fallen ill because you were “Having Fun” for too long? Was your school life tormented because you couldn’t handle MAN work well? Do your Best Buds still call you a stake because you were taken down by a grilled piece of meat in 1990s? Or this Coronavirus outbreak has made people more worried about your health than the coughing oldie next door?

Well Well Well, this nightmare is gonna end really soon. Today, I have come up with a list of supplements to boost immune system of freaks like you (P.S. NO OFFENSE but Honey, just look at yourself…) Follow my lead if you want to make it till the end of 2020.

1.    Turmeric

We have grown up hearing a rant of Yellow as a dirty fellow, but this YELLOW has been framed into defamation.

Turmeric, which is integral part of many homemade continental dishes, is actually a natural immunity booster. It has curcumin in it which makes it appear as a medicine in the Asian households. Curcumin is super anti-oxidant with anti-inflammatory effects. These anti inflammation effects don’t let a bacterial or viral infections easily get away, they find the pathogens and hunt them down until their last breath. Turmeric is a proven solution to many mild infections as it is high in calcium, potassium, zinc and ascorbic acid (Dumb people’s Vitamin C).

There are many ways to take turmeric into your body like;

  • You eat scrambled eggs, right? Why not hit it with a pinch of turmeric. Same goes for your frittata and tofu scrambles.
  • Toss it on some roasted vegetables especially your boring cauliflower, potatoes, carrots and other rooted ones; this can be a BETTER change to your taste buds.
  • You can color up your plate of plain rice with turmeric and give a mild flavor to it too. {Trust me, you won’t regret trying this.}
  • A little turmeric powder on your greens, soups and smoothies can enhance your daily intake of anti-oxidants to a great level.

2.    Citrus Fruits


These Big juicy fruits that often make you crave them are far more beneficial than their magnificent appearance.

Our favorite Citrus fruits like top notch oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, clementines and lemons are rich in Vitamin C. It is actually an immune system booster vitamin. It increases the production of White blood cells in our body which are the front line soldiers against any infection.

You know, if you are an ordinary male, your body requires 90 mg of vitamins a day, and in case you’re any angelic woman with a remarkable body, you still need 75 mg vit/ day. So, you have got to try new ways to maximize your daily intake of vitamins.

  • You can replace your stupid high calorie, low nutrient snacks with some seedless oranges in your basket for a grab and go snacking.
  • Kids love tangerines and clemencies because of their easy peel and sweet taste. If you have kids, or you are a KID, these are for you.
  • You can peel some oranges and add them into your tedious salad to make it glorious.
  • Slices of a lemon in a glass of warm water can help you in nailing the world.

3.    Senna leaves (your very own Sana Makki)

These greeny leaves, which are taking over the internet these days, can actually assist you. Not only in preventing coronavirus but also fighting against it. Sounds eccentric right?

This magical herb has plenty of benefits regarding different aspects of medicine and health.  Whether you have a real bad constipation, hemorrhoids or unspeakable anal pain; all you have to do is sneak some of the senna leaves, consume them right and peacefully enjoy rest of your life on Earth. Furthermore, it has some pretty amazing results on your immune system since it contains tons of anti-bacterial elements. Magical herbs that can naturally boost your immunity, what else do you need during a pandemic?

There are many ways to use senna leaves but I am gonna share the one which tastes better, who has guts to experiment different recipes of a herb when most of them are clearly gonna make you rip your own throat?

  • Boil half liter of water with 1-2 grams of dried senna leaves for 10 mins or until the water volume is reduced to half. Let it cool down for a bit and Sip Sip Sip. BUT! If you have a sweet tooth and can’t spare your buds for one healthy, weird tasting drink, then you can add half tablespoon of Honey/ jiggery. Trust me dude! You are gonna love this immunity booster.

4.    Red Bell Peppers

Adorable looks— a bad ass attitude, Kinda funny how this spicy little Bitch can boost up your immunity.

If all these years, your Great Aunt Marry has been telling you that Citrus fruits contain the most Vitamin C, then your whole life was a lie. Get up , wash your face and try to comprehend the secret I am going to share with you. “Red Bell Peppers contain 3 TIMES (127 mg / ounce) more Vitamin C than a glowing Florida orange (45 mg / ounce).”    #Burnt???????

They also have high potency of beta carotenes which implies that a little “decent” consumption of red bell peppers can give you a glorious skin too.

You can try different recipes of red bell peppers during this quarantine.

  • Make a mixture of brown rice, beans and plenty of vegetables; stuff your bell peppers’ bellies with them, Bake and have a fun boost of immunity.
  • Dice your bell peppers and Toss it on your pizza prior to baking, same goes for your pasta and omelets.
  • Stack your wraps and sandwiches with any color of bell peppers and have a crunchy, colorful and nutritious meal.


5.     Yogurt

If you ever get a chance to choose between plain yogurt and a flavored one, ALWAYS GO FOR PLAIN.

Yogurt contains many of our immunity booster vitamins, with Vitamin D being the elite one. It can help you in regulating your immune system and boost your body’s natural defense system. But the fake flavored yogurts, you buy from a fancy store are not fortified like the plain ones.

Once you have purchased the right, PLAIN, yogurt…there are many ways you can try to enhance its consumption in your daily life.

  • Add fresh fruits and cereals or granola in your bowl of breakfast yogurt. You can also make a nutritious lunch only by adding herbs and spicy seasoning including turmeric and cayenne pepper to your plain yogurt and then using it as a dip for your whole bread.
  • Use plain yogurt instead of nasty mayonnaise in your tuna or chicken salads. Replace your creamy toppings of baked potatoes with self – seasoned yogurt. You can also use it instead of sour cream of burritos, tacos and enchiladas. The consistency similarity with sour cream is kinda DOPE.

So, if you want to live a healthy life and particularly SURVIVE 2020, all these natural immunity boosters must be your primary requirement.