You ever close your eyes but despite a “respite” plenty of undesirable thoughts fill up your head and five minutes later, you find yourself entrapped in a loop of unholy and negative energy?  Well, there is a way to get rid of all this drama inside your head. You just have to try The ancient “Metal box therapy” twice, thrice or as many times as you need. This five minute psychological approach of clearing up the toxicity, negativity and anxiety inside you, can be helpful in composing yourself regardless of your physical state.

Lie down in your most comfortable position and close your eyes. You have to understand that this is the game of imagination. Imagine that you are in a dark quiet place and you have only one thing in front of you. It’s an empty Metal box with its lid wide open.  All you have to do is to put all of your thoughts inside it. Yes! It’s as simple as that.  Pull your thoughts out of your mind and put them inside the metal box. They might be your life long dreams, the last movie you watched, the harsh words someone said to you three years ago, the memories of your Bitch Ex or the itchy sarcasm of your toxic relatives, drag them all inside the box.

Now, when you’re fully done with it, close the lid of the metal box and through it far away in the darkness. You must be feeling a light head after it.

In the next step, you will start cleansing every part of your body. This process can take a few minutes and some of you might fall asleep even before they experience the end of it, but It’s a good thing right?

You just have to keep calm and imagine that all of your body parts are brand new. Imagine as if your head has never thought of anything. Imagine your forehead to be as light as a feather. Your eyes as if they have never seen anything, your ears never heard a word, your nose doesn’t know any smells and your lips like they don’t know how to talk. Follow the same routine for every single body part of yours until you feel  like a new born. And if you are doing it right, you will surely feel fresh after it.


The “Metal Box therapy’ is a perfectly healthy technique to get rid of overthinking, toxicity and all the negativities of life, and adopt a positive lifestyle. You can do it as many times as you want but the recommended practice includes “Daily for the initial two weeks” followed by a gradual decrease in the rehearsal  like “thrice a week” to “thrice a month” etc.