you can help people living with anxiety and depression by giving them your time and following a few suggestions:

  • Be patient

Someone with depression may get more irritable, and be more liable to misunderstand others, or feel misunderstood than usual. JUST, BE PATIENT.

  • Encourage them to seek help

The most important thing you can do is encourage them to seek appropriate treatment. You can reassure them by letting them know that help is out there and that you will be there to support them.

  • Don’t be afraid to bring it up

Try to be open about depression and difficult emotions, so they know that it’s fine to talk about what they’re experiencing. It takes a lot for someone to say, ‘I need help’, but it doesn’t hurt to raise the subject yourself.

  • Don’t blame them

They are probably already blaming themselves, and criticism is likely to make them feel even worse. So, Try not to blame them for feeling anxious or depressed, or tell them to ‘pull themselves together’.

  • Take care of yourself

Your mental health is important too and looking after someone else can put a strain on your wellbeing. If you are able to stay well, you are more likely to be able to provide good support for longer.